4 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs To Have First

One of the games fans desire for Rockstar to develop is no other than Red Dead Redemption 2. Well, it seems they simply can't get enough of John Marston in the original title. The good thing, fortunately, is that the installment is very likely to happen. After the first game's success, it's only right for the studio to follow it up with a sequel. But while the release date remains unknown, it might be good to have a look-see at its possible features. Here are 4 things we want to see from it.

A Red Dead Redemption 2 Casino

Much like GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 can surely benefit from a feature like this. Casinos introduced in any particular game has dramatically captivated the imaginations of players and gamers alike. And given the success it gave to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it's plausible for Rockstar to implement such in the forthcoming sequel.

Ranches And/Or Hideouts In Red Dead Redemption 2

In one way or another, there's a possibility that Red Dead Redemption 2 will further introduce the old western frontier (or perhaps, go with a modern day setting). Either way, there's nothing more synonymous to such setting plagued with lots of ranches and/or hideouts. Think about going for more wicked needs and whatnots. And what better way to do this but by hiding in secret places, right? If and only if the studio introduces these aforementioned areas, players can truly expect RDR2 to be far better than its predecessor.

A Better Visual Customization In Red Dead Redemption 2

Just like any other games out there, having a visual customization feature in Red Dead Redemption 2 is an interesting inclusion. Think about the joy of personalizing a player's very own experience -- from incorporating new outfits to putting new designs to whatever stuff they can be applied to. Sure, in the previous title players were given the option to do such; however, they were limited, as only a few set of presets have been made available. If Rockstar is looking to up the ante in RDR2, then they better introduce more.

More Red Dead Redemption 2 Bounties

It's really a frustrating thing to hear if such exceptional premise doesn't make its way to Red Dead Redemption 2. And take note: bounties are somewhat a close reference to the old west. But if they do return to the sequel, perhaps the developers can refine it in one way or another. Perhaps they can introduce a system in which the more intense a player wreaks havoc in the game, the bigger his bounty will be.

What are your thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2? How about the aforementioned features? Any other you can think of? Let us know at the comment section below!

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