'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: How To Obtain Moveset Via Online Pokedex

People exposed to Pokemon for the first time via Pokemon Go have wondered how each Pokemon fair with another during a gym battle. From point of speculations to actually researching on the internet on how these creatures fight, some still remain bedazzled on how they won or lost.

We've already wrote articles about calculating your Pokemon IV or your CP growth. We even posted how to take advantage of your damage points and how to level up fast. Yet, there is something still missing on the tips and tricks that hinders you to be the very best.

If you watch the cartoon for Pokemon, you will notice that they also have a Pokedex, this one is different from Pokemon Go's Pokedex as it only tells you if you have the Pokemon or not. The one in the series tells more.

GeekR8.com is kind enough to put something online that prove to be very useful for us beginners on how to understand a Pokemon's ability. They have posted a very informative Pokedex for all Pokemon Go trainers. The tool offers how you figure out max CP and all the current abilities or moves each pokemon have, it also classifies every Pokemon - very useful when pairing with top gym defenders, Otakukart reports.

Also, Each Pokedex Entry features a list of moves for a Pokemon, letting you know its damage per second (DPS). This, in return, allows you to view cooldowns per move.

How to use this?

Simply visit this website and go to your studied Pokemon, we currently have 151 for Pokemon Go. Once there, click on the Pokemon, and it will show you complete stats, just what a Pokedex supposedly does.

So, if you'd like to know more about your favorite Pokemon or your Buddy Pokemon you can check out this tool. It will tell you the best move set and battle tactic, if it's advisable to battle against a certain Pokemon or not.

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