Microsoft Surface Book 2: Release Date, Specs And Design Overview

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is one of the most anticipated devices coming from the tech giant. However, the company has kept its lips shut on the official release of the unit. Fortunately, the 2-in-1 device is said to be unveiled next month, right alongside other Microsoft devices.

The Big Event

According to Christian Today, the Surface Book 2 will be unveiled in a bit Microsoft event next month. Reportedly, the Surface Pro 5 and Microsoft Surface Phone will be revealed in the event as well.

Nevertheless, it does not seem likely that the hybrid device will reach markets within the year. Even if the same is made public by next month, it is unlikely that the Surface Book 2 will be available for actual purchase before 2017.

Why The Delay

According to HNGN, the delay for the Surface Book 2 is that Microsoft is waiting for the new Intel chip, as well as a 4k display and the Windows 10 update. As such, the unit is expected to clock in much faster than its predecessor. After all, the new Kaby Lake processor is estimated to run much faster and be more powerful than the Skylake microarchitecture-based processor, which is found in the upcoming device's predecessor. However, the device is also expected to require less power consumption.

Rumored Specs

Other than the updates mentioned above, the Surface Book 2 is likely to sport 4K resolution and three-dimensional display. In addition, there will be a USB 3.1 port to help with easy connections to the hybrid device.

Other Microsoft Items

As mentioned, the Surface Pro 5 and Microsoft Surface Phone is also expected to be released next month. The Surface Pro 5 has even been said to hit the market within the year, with plenty of improvements from the current offering from Microsoft. Meanwhile, the Surface Phone is expected to make be stiff competition for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are expected to arrive on Friday, September 24.

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