Microsoft Surface Phone Goes Head-To Head With The Best: Apple's iPhone 7 And Samsung's Galaxy S7

Microsoft's Surface line has made a name for itself because of its welcomed innovation, amazing specs and great user experience. So there is no wonder why the tech company would opt to extend this name to a line of smartphones. But with the recent release of the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy Note 7 still topping the charts, how exactly will the Surface Phone stack up?

Microsoft Surface Phone: Rumored Specs

There is hardly any news about the Microsoft Surface Phone - rumors or otherwise. However, the unveiling of one is expected because of a statement made by Laura Janet Butler. As Learn Bonds quotes, she said, "Surface Phone not NOT confirmed."

The double negative made by the Microsoft Technical Fellow has lead many to believe the unit exists and will arrive sometime next fall.

Despite the lack of news, there are some expectations of for the upcoming unit. For example, it should sport some of the best security measures, which includes a fingerprint scanner and a rest protection feature - that makes it impossible to unlock the unit even after it has been restarted.

Another expectation from the unit is productivity. Like with all other Microsoft products, the Surface Phone is expected to come with Office Suite, where users can easily edit save and share documents either for personal or professional use. Naturally, it will be compatible with all Win32 apps.

It is also expected to run on 8GB of RAM and will sport a 21 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera.

Apple iPhone 7: Controversial Specs

The iPhone 7 is a great phone, there is no denying that. And, in essence, the negative press surrounding the handheld is definitely not because it is awful. Rather, it is because the unit is so similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 6S. But logically, being similar to the 6S is not a bad deal at all.

Apple's newest flagship sports a 4.7 inch retina HD display, is waterproof and has let go of the standard 3.5mm audio jack. As noted by Value Walk, it has 32GB, 128GB and 256GB internal storage options as well as a 12 megapixel rear camera and 7 megapixel front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Standard Specs

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S7 has been dubbed the best smartphone of the year. With its high end specs and reliable hardware, there is no denying that the S7 is one of the best in the market.

The device has a 5.2 inch QHD AMOLED screen and is waterproof as well.

Furthermore, it was 5GB of RAM and the 32GB internal storage is expandable to 200GB via a microSD. The camera is 12 megapixels at the rear and 5 megapixels at the front.

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