Digital Homicide Games Removed From Steam After Developer Filed Lawsuit Against Gamers For Bad Reviews

Valve has, according to reports, removed all Digital Homicide games from Steam.

This is after Digital Homicide was granted a subpeona; which forced Valve to reveal all the identities of 100 John and Jane Does who posted negative reviews.

Lawsuit Details

James Romine, co-founder of Digital Homicide, filed an $18-million lawsuit claiming personal injury last week against 100 anonymous Jane Does and John Does from Steam who were allegedly responsible for criminal impersonation, cyber bullying, stalking, harrassment, even death threats; and more. The attached documents allegedly contained a number of derogatory comments from the said Steam users and their accusations that Digital Homicide are simply reskinning the games they have and re-releasing them.

Valve then immediately stopped doing business with Digital Homicide "for being hostile to Steam" in response to the subpeona that forced Valve to reveal the identities of the users who were accused of slander, bullying, vandalism, and harrassment.

Digital Homicide Now Filing Lawsuit Against Valve

Digital Homicide is now also seeking legal representation against Valve after claiming that what actually transpired is a lack of resolution and support from Steam, showing a "reckless disregard for the well-being of their community for profits."

Romine said they've sent multiple reports and several emails seeking action in regards to the individuals making personal attacks, not only to the game development company; but also to the users who are interested in their product. And by removing Digital Homicide from Steam, he claims Valve has taken a stance that users have the right "to harass me, tell me I should kill myself, and insult my family,"

Romine is said to have brought another individual lawsuit back in March against game personality Jim Sterling, worth $10.7 million, after the YouTuber made videos saying negative things about Digital Homicide's games. Romine has also claimed that Jim Sterling's fans and supporters have been harrasing them through mail.

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