Why 'Berserk' Will Be Released In English Speaking Countries By Early 2017

Berserk a Japanese video game - literally from the Japanese and spoken in Japanese, will be invading the West and other English-speaking countries in early 2017.

As reported by the official website of the game that just launched, it originated from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. It will be rolled out bearing a new title for the West, which will be deemed Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, Yibada reports.

Omega Force, the mastermind behind several Dynasty Warriors video games at Koei Tecmo, will take charge for the localization tasks. This awesome new game will do its very best to insure the coverage of the events of Kentaro Miura's masterpiece manga that started out way back in 1989.

The story mostly revolves around our one-eyed and one-armed hero named Guts. He left 'The Band of the Hawk', a group of toughened mercenaries, because their leader back then, Griffith - also his best friend, betrayed them for the love of power.

Forbes states that the video game is a perfect fit for its genre. Our hero, Gus has to go thru a lot of baddies at once. It will also feature a brutally dark story, which will justify the game to have lots of blood and gore, yes, we need that.

Why is it taking so long for the West?

The game's developer says that it will indeed take a huge amount of time (and patience) for localization.

Producer Hisashi Koinuma talked with Gamespot that it will take a lot of time and resources convert the video game's language for West. A lot of things has to be done like consulting with ESRB to check how far they can go without crossing the borderline of brutal content having to be too much. They also have to be careful about Western culture, and it's nice of them to consider that.

A lot of core elements might be contained, Koinuma expressed. They must make sure to localize the video game without breaking any rules to ensure that the game is good to go for the West.

The game developer and producer also added that the latest anime series has also been aired and that the anime team had approached them if they could make a game out of their work.

Warning, what you are about to see is a brutal videogame trailer, make sure there are no kids around when watching the awesome video below:


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