'Pokemon Go' Guide: The 3 Types Of Spawn Nests

A very curious thread surfaced on TheSilphRoad, a sub-Reddit that is very serious about Pokemon Go and anything related to it, showing that there is a significant increase in spawn rates. Not long, a number of players have also replied detecting the upsurge in spawn rates and are also seeing new Pokemon nests appearing in their area.

Otakukart searched over Pokemon GO forums, social media groups and sub-Reddits and observed that there is a rise of evidence supporting the recent burst of spawn rates. Not just that, there is also an increase in rare Pokemon spawn rates.

Although inconclusive, all we need to hold on to are the players reporting this event.

Here are a few player reports:

"Pictured: none of these Pokémon (except for Weedle, of course) spawned with any degree of frequency nearby. All of the sudden, spawn rates have skyrocketed nearby - the best I've ever seen is a single ivysaur that didn't even spawn at a nest..." - read more

"I have noticed this as well. A couple houses down from me is a cluster spawn, usually pidgey, weedle, and rattata. Occasionally I would get a Tauros and the rarest I have gotten was Magmar. Just today Kabuto and Cubone started spawning at this point frequently and have never been anywhere in my area before..." - read more

As we all know, nests in Pokemon Go did not migrate this time, even though its already been 24++ days since the last time it happened. However, a bunch of new nests have been posted also on Pokemon GO Forums and TheSilphRoad - so maybe this is the progress implemented by Niantic servers for this 24-day cycle.

So, what are the 3 types of nests?

If you have noticed a nest in your area, be it old or new, it is important to note that there are 3 types of nests, and you should know what to avoid:

  •  Cluster spawnnest = yields terrible stat and low IV Pokemon
  •  Frequent areanest = yields high stat Pokemon
  •  Frequent pointnest = yields high stat Pokemon

The type of nests is self-explanatory in its name. The important thing to remember and note to verify if they are nests is that the spawned Pokemon must be basic, meaning it has not evolved yet. As of this writing, there are no nests reported that spawn already-evolved Pokemon.

Here is a video from The Silph Road explaining how to understand Pokemon Go Spawn points:

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