Apple Has No Anti-Theft Measures To Protect Your AirPods

Among other highly-anticipated gadgets, Apple has also introduced at its iPhone event on Wednesday, Sept. 7, its totally wireless headphones called the AirPods.

Apple's New AirPods

According to Business Insider, Apple's newly launched AirPods really do look futuristic and stylish, but many consumers are asking what is going to happen if they might get stolen. At a price tag of $159, the AirPods wireless headphones are certainly not coming cheap, so it's no surprise that people are worried about theft issues.

Unfortunately, Apple does not have any way of preventing the theft of your shiny new AirPods. According to the high-tech giant, if someone steals your AirPods m, then you will have to buy new ones.

The company doesn't implement any anti-theft measures in place to protect your wireless headsets. However, just like in case of any other Apple product, if you your AirPods are stolen or lost, there is no free replacement program in place.

You'll just have to manage on your own and buy new ones. But at least, according to Apple, if only one of your two AirPods is stolen or lost, you could just buy one.

According to Engadget, Apple's newly released earbuds do not offer an audio quality much better than the pack-in EarPods that come with the iPhones. AirPods could also provide more flexibility with the controls. But for now, you still need to take out your iPhone or use the digital assistant Siri in case you want to perform basic operations such as adjusting the volumes or changing the tracks.

Apple's AirPods are more about futuristic design than truly new functionality. Taking into consideration their price and the fact that they do not provide anything special for music playback, you might think twice before buying the new AirPods. Unless you are an early adopter, you might be better off waiting for Apple to drop the price when they release a next generation version.

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