'No Man's Sky' Latest News: Reddit User Discusses New Patch Plus Wishlist; Hello Games Needs To Double-Time On Queries

A new patch for "No Man's Sky" is said to cover a quicker upload to Online Storage and better-quality graphics and sound plus more of the additional collective of life forms.

These "No Man's Sky" updates plus the removal of allowing players to stack items, but instead use prevailing ones have pointed out these changes in the game due to the new patch, as mentioned by a user in Reddit.

However, Hello Games has yet to reveal to the public the detailed official patch notes. The said "No Man's Sky" patch which is also made available for PC weighs 1.09  at about 733 MB.

Other very important "No Man's Sky" changes that Playstation 4 players have uncovered are:

  • The inability to no longer press down the square key during the transferring of several discoveries or manipulate the triangle button during reassigning places for your items in the inventory
  • The newly-renovated cycle for the Day and Night structure for the game.
  • The visibility of more larger wildlife during exploration
  • The ability to run away during battle with pirates

Since the backlash after the launching, Hello Games' Sean Murray has kept mum with the latest developments for "No Man's Sky," save for a couple of updates in their official website.

With that being said, players need to get out of the repetitive cycle, which is the main cause of the uproar. More than a couple of suggestions to keep the interest of "No Man's Sky" fans have been suggested as As mentioned in Red Bull.

  • Players prefer that engagement with the alien biota be more rousing
  • Performance skills for voice acting with other creatures should be upgraded as it is too oversimplified
  • Fast travel in order for you to bounce easily between discovered settlements
  • Since this is an overwhelming space exploration, Hello Games should present more activities

How about you? What would you think would be the best additions to further improve "No Man's Sky"? Hit us below!

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