Global Warming: Warmer Seas Increasing Storms And Hurricanes

For many years there has been much talk about global warming and how it will affect the Earth's climate in the near future. Scientists have said that global warming will see changes in our climate and it could produce more storms and deadlier hurricanes. Now a new report seems to confirm some of the changes happening as the Earth's seas grow warmer.

The report was done at the University of Sheffield's Department of Geography and led by Professors Grant Bigg and Edward Hanna. It was presented at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii last September 5. The report stated that world's oceans have warmed much since 1995.

This rise in the oceans' temperature has produced deadly hurricanes and typhoons. Scientists speculate that more deadly hurricanes and typhoons would come and that they would come more frequently. Even in areas that have not normally been touched by hurricanes are now experiencing it.

According to Science Daily hurricanes have been seen in the South Atlantic. Normally this area would not produce hurricanes because of cooler sea temperatures. However, in 2004 Hurricane Catarina has been seen off the coast of Brazil. This is due to a more than normal warm temperature of the ocean there.

With warmer oceans, there would be more icebergs as well as ice breaks off from the ice shelves in the Arctic region. This breaking off of ice is due to warmer temperature, melting much of the ice until they break off and become icebergs.

The warming seas will not only affect climate but even ecosystems, as The University of Sheffield has shown in its report. Storm surges can affect low-lying areas. The Arctic ecosystem is vulnerable as well to storm surges.

Professor Bigg hopes that the study would help in making a response to conservation as well as climate change brought by warming seas. If the trend continues temperature further inland in continents would soon be affected, with temperatures rising there as well. This can affect farming as the climate changes.

It is not only scientists, but even actor Leonardo DiCaprio has warned about the future of our oceans in a report by iTechPost.

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