Common Problems With The iPhone 7 And iOS 10

The iPhone 7 and iOS 10 continue to be the talk of the world. The iPhone 7 has stood firm in drop, bend, scratch and water-resistance tests. iOS 10 also brings new features and enhancements. However, both are far from perfect. In fact, there are problems that they have to face.

As the iPhone 7 becomes more available to consumers, feedbacks should be expected, and not all will be favorable. It's the same thing for the iOS 10.

Battery Life

The iPhone 7 and iOS 10's battery life is one of the most common complaints. People were even saying that it's worse than the iPhone 6 models. This problem should be expected for the first few days. According to BGR, people should not panic about this. It's caused by the processes running on your phone after installing iOS 10. 

An owner would want to check all the new features. Thus, using the phone more than usual. This will definitely affect the battery life. It depends on your usage. But people get too excited to explore everything. Thus, the battery drain is really significant.

Excluding human involvement, the phone will re-index huge amounts of data. This will happen in the background. The owner might be unaware of it. The iOS 10 will run this on your contacts, photos and anything that is searchable with Spotlight. It will take some time to complete the process.

Let your phone install such updates. It will be back normal once all of these are finished. Eventually, the user will experience the various optimizations of iOS 10. This will significantly improve the device's battery life.

However, take an action if there's an obvious abnormal battery drain. Something is really wrong if it carries on for a few days. This is according to Gotta Be Mobile.

Goodbye To The 3.5mm Headphone Jack

It has become official. Apple got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This was already rumored even before the phone's release. It actually received an overwhelmingly negative response. However, people should now learn to deal with it.

In fact, Apple thought of a compromise. An adapter is provided for. The user can use it for a headphone with a 3.5mm plug. Otherwise, simultaneous use of the charger and wired headphones will not work.

A New Capacitive Home Button

Apparently, the good old home button is long gone. It is now replaced with a new capacitive home button. Sure, a 3D Touch home button looks cool. But it needs a conductive object like your finger for it to function. It means that it will not respond when a person is wearing gloves. Even capacitive-friendly gloves may or may not work.

From Touch to Press-To-Unlock

The iPhone's touch-to-unlock function has always been a signature. Now, it has become an option in iOS 10. The default behavior is pressing the home button to unlock the phone. Many people still prefer the Touch ID unlock. The user has to adjust the settings to still utilize the old behavior. According to BGR, users must simply go to the device's Settings, press General and then Accessibility. Select the Home Button. Slide to toggle next to Rest Finger to Open. The user can choose to turn it off or on.

The Jet Black iPhone 7

Sometimes, simplicity is more liked. Some people prefer the jet black iPhone 7 over the colorful ones. But it's been impossible to find. However, the jet black iPhone 7 is prone to scuffs, scratching, grease and grime. Even more so than the matte aluminum options. The jet black iPhone 7 is actually easier to grip, though. People thought of a case for the phone. According to The Verge, this will defeat the aesthetic purpose.

No Service Bug

The phone displays a "no service" message after the airplane mode is enabled and disabled. It is found in the upper left corner of the screen. It is not able to connect to cellular networks. Apple has yet to fix this bug. Though the company has already acknowledged the problem. The temporary solution is to power the phone off and remove the SIM. Then re-insert the Sim and turn the phone back on. This is according to BGR.

EarPod Control Malfunctions

Apple has also acknowledged the problem in its Lightning Earpods control. The volume controls and action button would stop working. This happens shortly after it's plugged in. The temporary fix is to unplug and then plug it back. A software update in iOS 10 will solve this. Apple is yet to release the update, though.

The Hissing Sound

There have been cases of hissing sound from the phone when used. Though it's barely audible, it is noticeable when a person puts his ear on the back. It's advisable to limit the processes running on the phone. Otherwise, the intense usage could emit an even louder hissing sound.

iOS 10's Installation Problem

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the download or installation process of iOS 10 can get stuck or frozen. Such problem was already experienced by some users. However, this can be fixed. The user has to simultaneously hold down the home and power buttons. This will let it reset. Thus, the phone will power down automatically within 10 seconds. Then, it will turn itself back on.

iOS 10 App Problems

Some app developers have advised consumers to avoid the iOS 10 update. This is until they are able to find a solution. Apparently, there's been an issue between the iOS 10 and some apps. More often, third-party applications would not get along with it.

However, users can install updates on the App Store. These updates are specifically for iOS 10's features and fixes. The app should be reinstalled if the user still encounters a problem. The data in the phone should have a back-up, though. The developers should also be informed of these issues.

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