Secure Quantum Internet: The Future Of Information Teleportation

Physicists have successfully conducted quantum teleportation. Two teams were able to transfer information over a long distance. They only used optical fiber networks. This breakthrough is a step towards a secure quantum internet.

Information And Quantum Teleportation

According to the New Scientist, quantum teleportation is a phenomenon. A particle's quantum states can be transferred to another distant particle. It's achieved without anything physical traveling between them.

It's simply moving information from different places with physically sending anything in between. According to BBC News, the study can lead to ultra-secure communications. Its set-ups could be building blocks for a future quantum internet.

How The Information Was Teleported

Dr. Wolfgang Tittel and his colleagues have published their study in Nature Photonics journal. They have described the whole process. The information was teleported over 8.2km in Calgary City, Canada.

There were two photons created at the University of Calgary (site B). The information is the quantum state of a photon. One of the photons was sent along 11.1km of optical fiber. Its destination is a building near Calgary City Hall (site C).

The said photon traveled in a classical way. The other photon was left at site B.

Then, a photon will be sent to the City Hall from Manchester (site A). The quantum state of the photon from site A will be transferred to the photon left in site B. That is how quantum teleportation works.

It became possible because of the entanglement property. It explains why the particles can be linked regardless of the huge distance between them.

The other study used a different set-up. Qiang Zhang and Jian-Wei Pan have achieved teleportation over a 30km optical fiber network in Hefei City, China.

A Quantum Internet

Dr. Tittel said that the configuration used could serve as a benchmark. It will benefit city-based quantum networks. A theoretical device called repeater could enable communications over bigger distances. Hence, the quantum internet.

Quantum cryptography will offer a much secure communication. Quantum information researcher Frédéric Grosshans the studies demonstrate the possibility of city-based quantum networks. It could be a realistic proposition. He added that it will be an exciting vision for the future.

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