Ark: Survival Evolved Proves Bad Reviews Wrong

It's no secret that Ark: Survival Evolved is among the best games of today. Nevertheless, despite its greatness, it's ironically overwhelmed with negative reviews. However, it didn't fail to be a huge success, proving that gamers can vote using their wallets. Studio Wildcard's flagship title is a living proof that having bad reviews isn't a bad thing to have at all.

As of this writing, Ark: Survival Evolved has around 12,000 negative reviews in Steam. And take note: the figure is quite huge when compared to positive reviews of only 2,000. Obviously, there's a difference of 10,000.

Sure, it's almost safe to say that Ark: Survival Evolved sucks. Well, does it? Actually, it's not. It managed to be a mainstay in Steam's Top 10 list, seemingly proving reviews to be wrong. This also shows that gamers -- who really have first-hand experience with the game -- voted by way of using their wallets.

Moreover, the player pool of the Ark: Survival Evolved continues to increase in size, as reported by Githyp. The current playerbase (active) of the title has increased to a whopping 23 percent, month on month.

Based on the report, the average Ark: Survival Evolved players in every hour has reached 47,681 last September 17. And to think, last August 20, it only peaked at around 36,637. When these figures are compared, there's definitely a huge difference since then.

The continuous increase of Ark: Survival Evolved player pool only proves that reviews didn't affect its success. That, at the end of the day, the triumph of the title relied heavily on its consumers. And sure enough, the community has spoken and the results are out.

What are your thoughts on Ark: Survival Evolved? For you, is it a good or bad game? Are you a fan of Studio Wildcard's title as well? What other games do you think is also experiencing such momentum? Be sure to use the comment section below!

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