Google Allo Challenges Latest iOS 10 iMessage Features: Review

The iOS 10 update gave Apple fans more than one reason to not give up on their products by adding irresistible new features. Consumers' notable favorite is Apple's iMessage and a few other tricks it acquired after the iOS 10 Update.

Apple iMessage Challenged By Google

Apple users and non-users were impressed with what iMessage can do now after the iOS 10 update. The new and improved iMessage is probably the most noteworthy feature that the iOS 10 update brought. Just imagine adding some pizzazz to your messages with a laser or confetti effect, or cute stickers that you can download and use as an amusing way to express your emotions or lighten up a conversation's mood.

Apple can't seem to take a break from its competitors as Google has announced its latest development that could take away the attention from the iMessage.

Apple iMessage Vs. Google Allo

Google just announced its most anticipated messaging app that could make us forget about Apple's iMessage. Google Allo is the tech company's latest development in the attempt to end Apple's reign. Google Allo is a smart and A.I.-centric modern-day chat app that offers features that enhanced our way of exchanging messages, according to CNET.

Google Allo allows you to do an image search within the chat app, but then again that's a feature that we are already using with Apple's iMessage. Google Allo has a built-in assistant that helps the user search for information that they need to find on the web. On the other hand, Apple already has Siri and maybe this is where Google earns a point since we still have to exit out of iMessage and access Apple's digital assistant.

Apple iMessage vs. Google Allo

Apple may have missed a few things to add within the iOS 10 update, but the iMessage still wins this round as Google Allo still has a lot to prove before it can gain our confidence.


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