Skyrim Remastered Update: 4 Things We Know So Far

Skyrim Remastered is one of the titles Bethesda is looking to release before 2016 ends. Sure, fans may have a concrete idea as to what it's all about (a remaster of the official title, right?); however, there are lot of things to expect for. This is most especially with the release date nearing. So for those who're looking forward to it, here are 4 things we'd like you to know.

Improved Graphics In Skyrim Remastered

Bethesda has since iterated that Skyrim Remastered will introduce a better graphic feature, one that arrives with interesting effects. From dynamic field depth to brand new snow and water shaders to volumetric god rays, among others, these can be expected in the upcoming title. Without a doubt, by the look of it, it's pretty much better compared to the current game.

Skyrim Remastered PMinimum/Recommended PC System Requirements

Unfortunately, both of the minimum and recommended system requisites of Skyrim Remastered in PC is still vague. The retail listings from Green Man Gaming failed to give in the right requirements. Or, in other words, the information listed is wrong. It seems Bethesda is not looking to shed some light about it just yet. The studio is known to release such details a few weeks or so before the release. So, in one way or another, players can expect it sometime next month.

Sykrim Remastered Release Date

Contrary to popular belief, Skyrim Remastered isn't arriving this summer. Nevertheless, it's confirmed to hit the shelves just before the holiday season starts. It's basically scheduled on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As for any sort of demos and/or betas, these remain unclear. Or perhaps, the company will release a demo before the title's release date.

Skyrim Remastered Price And Deals

It's worth noting that Amazon is looking to cut the price of Skyrim Remastered to $47.99. However, it only applies to its Prime members (those who use the so-called Amazon Prime account). Best Buy, on the other hand, is offering it around 20% off, specifically to their Gamers Club Unlocked members. Lastly, Microsoft has its own deal as well. Xbox One players who pre-order the game will be able to receive at least $10 Store Gift code, which can be used 10 days after the game's initial release.

Are you excited for Skyrim Remastered? What are your expectations? Let us know at the comment section below!

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