'Quantico' Season 2 Spoilers & Plot Updates: New Faces, Dual Timelines, A Marriage Proposal?

"Quantico" season 2 pilot episode would be airing this Sunday, Sept. 25 on ABC, but fans cannot wait to find out more of what the new season would bring. There seems to be so much to expect from the premiere episode alone.

Based on the latest "Quantico" season 2 spoilers, Alex will be treated to a surprise as Ryan has decided to finally pop the question. Meanwhile, new characters will be introduced, although FBI regulars would still be there. Plus, there's bound to be a change in the season's format.

Marriage Proposal

The second season of "Quantico" leads up to a crucial moment -- Ryan asking Alex to marry him. After all the events in the past season, Ryan seems to be in a good place since he plans to take the relationship to the next level. Although he appears confident, guilt is still eating him up because he placed greater importance in his orders and doubted Alex despite what his gut tells him.

New Faces, Multiple Timelines

With Alex's transition to the CIA, there's bound to be more characters this season. The premiere episode introduces a new character, Owen Hall (Blair Underwood), who is a veteran agent at the CIA. Other cast additions in season 2 include Tracy Ifeachor (The Originals), Russell Tovey (Looking), and David Lim (Supergirl, 90210).

"Quantico" fans should also prepare themselves for exciting changes as the show would feature dual timelines. One will take fans through the events unfolding during the day while the other one follows a series of events over a period of months.

Greater Depth

To the disappointment of many fans, Alex won't be doing many action scenes at the beginning of the episode, according to earlier "Quantico" spoilers. She may be hanging around pushing paper reports during her first days at CIA. Unlike the last season where there were twists everywhere, this season focuses on adding depth to each character. Speaking of characters, the FBI and CIA interaction would be at the heart of the premiere episode which would mean that Alex's old FBI crew would make appearances.

As the show picks up from its first season, there's no more "Quantico" academy which means fans might no longer see those training montages that the show was known for.

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