What Could Be Next After Dragon Age Inquisition?

BioWare is currently developing Mass Effect Andromeda but is bearing in mind not to not to use the same 'template' from their highly successful game, Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has won a few Game of the Year awards gearing towards rebuilding BioWare's RPG reputation and franchise. The game has revolutionized its game patterns since the previous installments giving a new light in open world RPG combat sprinkled with an awesome way to deliver story, mixing them in a proper blend that ultimately led to its success.

The first episode of Dragon Age probably was one of the best experiences when playing RPG's, witnessing the franchise's original has given honor to gamers, needless to say. Now, if we consider the status of the Dragon Age saga, most people would think that it might be a good recipe for other games as well. Just do minor tweaks and they're done making Mass Effect Andromeda.

Why not just follow Dragon Age: Inquisition's formula?

For BioWare, they are steering clear of that direction as Aaryn Flynn, BioWare's General Manager, expresses his view that fans should expect a lot of similarity from the Mass Effect series but never from Dragon Age: Inquisition, as reported by Techno Aisle.

In technicalities, there would be some similarities for both Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition since they are using Frostbite 3 for their game engine. But this does not certainly mean that we will see a Dragon Age lore in the far edges of outer space.

This decision is good news for BioWare fans as diversity is a good thing, meaning BioWare can produce different games with different 'auras'. Games coming from the same developer tend to have a singular 'theme' making a distinct statement that is coming from a certain group. This hurts gamers since ideas across different titles are infused thus making less room for diversity. It's like buying a repurposed item but branded with a different name, so generally the direction BioWare is heading to is good news.

Now for the proper question

With the above stated, making clear that there won't be a Dragon Age aspect inserted into Mass Effect Andromeda, should fans be expecting a Dragon Age after 'Inquisition' then? With the success it gathered, it's pretty obvious that it has big potential when it comes to producing another sequel. How would you like the next Dragon Age to be?

Here's a gameplay trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, hit us with your comments if you spot any Dragon Age reference.


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