‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 59, 60 Recap And Spoilers: Beerus Defeats Zamasu In One Hit; Gowasu Safe For Now

By Van V. , Sep 26, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Fans of the epic anime series "Dragon Ball Super" finally witnessed Zamasu's dark plan to assassinate Gowasu in episode 59. Fortunately, Beerus saves the day in a breeze. Is the future finally safe from the evil plan of Zamasu?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59 Recap: Gowasu Saved By Beerus, Goku And The Gang

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59 kicks off with Zamasu offering tea to Gowasu. Initially, many fans believed that Zamasu plans to poison him. Apparently, he has something else in mind. After talking about the theory of balance between good and evil, Zamasu powered up and brought out the energy blade in his hand, ready to attack Gowasu from behind.

At first, he was successful, as the cup of tea Gowasu was holding spilled on the table, indicating that he was attacked. Fortunately, Beerus, Goku, Whis and Supreme Kai were watching everything from space. As soon as Zamasu killed Gowasu, Whis immediately use his ability to turn back time and reverse the situation. Whis covered Zamasu's hand with a cat mitten that wrapped the energy blade, thus saving Gowasu.

Suddenly, Goku and the rest of the gang appeared and revealed Zamasu's evil intentions. Supreme Kai explained that Zamasu wants to kill Gowasu and get a hold of the Time Rings. He also added that Zamasu wants to use the Super Dragon Balls to gain immortality and create Black Goku.

Zamasu was surprised that they easily found out about his plan. Goku came up to him and revealed that he has destroyed cities and eradicated people in the future. Zamasu was pleased to know that his dream actually materialized.

Just when Zamasu was about to attack Goku with his energy blade, Beerus stopped and defeated him easily with just a single word - "Destroy." Zamasu vanished into thin air.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 Spoilers: Is The Future Really Safe?

Following the encounter with Zamasu, Goku and the rest of the group headed back to Earth to inform everyone about their victory. Beerus claimed that the future is now at peace since Zamasu is gone. However, Future Trunks was doubtful. He recalled that when he defeated the androids, his future never changed at all. Beerus assured him that it will not be the same in this case. He said that if a God eliminated another God, there's no way that space and time will remain as is. But Trunks remains uncertain.

Sure enough, in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60, the preview shows Zamasu and Black Goku are still alive. Is Beerus wrong with his assumption? Is the future still in danger? Find out the answers when "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 returns Sunday, Oct. 2.

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