'Clash of Clans' News: September Update Delayed, Grounds vs. Air Challenge and More

"Clash of Clans" users need to put on hold their excitement regarding its September update. With just a few days left before October starts, the developers still have not released any update on the game. The last update of the gaming application was in August; but the developers of the game released a sneak peek of the improvements in the game that fans should look forward to.

As cited in Headlines & Global News, users should wait for the new Clan Challenge Mode that will be part of the update. With SuperCell confirming it through a forum, the users will get to experience additional tests in the said mode. Further topics in the forum was the new "friendly war request". This would enable other clans to be able to ask others for the acceptance of a challenge. If the two parties agree, the so-called "preparation" will start. With this information, a possibility of rejection from other clans would likely to occur. Furthermore, this will not remove the traditional wars but instead help users support offline and online events.

The developers announced that they are putting a livestream to further discuss the new content and features of the game. According to Game N Guide, the friendly war update would not be similar from air and ground troops composition.

Other information spreading is the Ground vs. Air war that will be updated on October 9, as sources have said. In this war, each team will get to pick up five players and will need to choose either ground or air troops. Players who are interested to join are advised to sign up online. Once done, they would be screened and chosen "Clash of Clan" players will have a chance to play with veteran players. What's more exciting is that each selected player needs to go to Finland on October 6-10 with expenses covered by Supercell.

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