'The Flash' Season 3: Trailer, Updates, And Release Date

“The Flash” has been one of the most popular series in America. With its episodes gaining large amount of views, the superhero is yet to unfold another adventure that would take the viewer into yet another dimension. As it opens its third season, what would make it more exciting in comparison to the previous seasons?

As stated in Game N Guide, the pilot episode of “The Flash” became the second most-watched premiere next to “The Vampire Diaries”. It has received back-to-back awards, including “People’s Choice Award”.

With its return next month, CW released an extended trailer of its Season 3. According to some sources, “The Flash” Season 3 is entitled “Flashpoint” which offers a look into what transpired in the previous seasons. This time around, “The Flash”, played by Barry Allen, won’t just be fighting with the “Reverse Flash” but also with an unnamed enemy who could match his speed.

In “Flashpoint”, the viewers should give attention to “The Rival Flash”. Not just that, speculations are spreading that many characters will be revealed this season. The Killer Frost, Mirror Master, Top, Doctor Alchemy, and Savitar are the roles to watch out for as this new installment comes into open.

The Den of Geek reiterated that “The Flash” Season 3 will be aired on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 on The CW at 8:00 PM ET.
With this information, fans of the series came out on Twitter. Here's their take on the subject:

Here are the trailers for “The Flash” Season 3:

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