Oculus Rift Loses More VR Dev Support

VR technology is slowly becoming the trend today for gamers and nongamers alike. With this, the Oculus Rift has pursued the emerging VR market. However, many VR developers are now cutting its ties with the company due to the discovery that its founder, Palmer Luckey, is funding a pro-Trump campaign advocacy group.

Reports have confirmed this rumor as it was discovered that Palmer Luckey contributes to the funding of Nimble America. What proves this, even more, is that Luckey is in Reddit and using the username NimbleRichMan.

Withdrawal Of VR Games From Oculus Rift

This alone is enough for many of the vital VR developers to sever its connections with Oculus Rift. Polytron, the game developer of the VR game named "SUPERHYPERCUBE" says "in a political climate as fragile and horrifying as this one, we cannot tacitly endorse these actions by supporting Luckey or his platform".

Scruta Games, also burst out in a tweet against Luckey's support of Trump, saying that the firm will temporarily sever ties with the VR company "until Palmer Luckey steps down from his position at Oculus." Meanwhile, the CEO of Oculus, Brendan Iribe posted on Facebook his own defense stating that the affiliations and decisions of Luckey are different with that of the company's.

The Effects of Luckey's Personal Decisions to Oculus Rift

"I know that Palmer is deeply sorry for the impact this situation is having on the company, our partners, and the industry. Everyone at Oculus is free to support the issues or causes that matter to them, whether or not we agree with those views. It is important to remember that Palmer acted independently in a personal capacity, and was in no way representing the company," Brendan said.   

Luckey also defends the company's welfare as he says that it was not his intention to give harm or to give Oculus a negative reputation due to his own personal actions.

Whichever the case may be, Oculus Rift needs to clean up its name and reason out something that would contribute to the pledging of allegiance of its most important VR developers.

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