‘Overwatch’ Guide: Is The Triple Tank Strategy Way Too Much?

"Overwatch" is pure competitive gameplay and with the sudden advent of the "triple tank strategy," players are now clamoring against this infamous practice, as reported by Kotaku.

Originally instigated by the NiP pro team, "Overwatch" "triple tank strategy" is basically altering a tank, most players prefer Reinhardt, with the ult charges from a support; which is obviously Ana. The latter has three charges at her disposal and with three huge targets for her curative shots; it is way too easy to transform a tank into a rampaging juggernaut of mass carnage.

For the uninitiated, the triple tank strategy in Blizzard's first-person shooter video game involves having three tanks and three supports on your team roster. However, as mentioned this type of strategy has been held by pros and players alike as a way too easy tactic and has become too dull to watch especially in repetitive successions.

Artur "art1er" Bischof was quoted in the website saying:

"The tank just goes to the front, takes damage and Ana heals until she has her Ultimate and can Nano-Boost. To me that kind of play has nothing to do with skill. After that it's just a couple of swings with the Hammer and you get mauled by Reinhardt."

Bischof added that the practice itself is an exploitation of Overwatch's gameplay. He made a case of returning a balance of power with putting Ana on nerf while upgrading non-tank DPS heroes.

To make more points from this argument that were mentioned in the website; other Overwatch players also went down with the specifics:

  • Consistently employing the triple tank strategy is disrespect to the two tanks plus two offense and two healers roster.
  • Other players find it a positive approach that a new type of tactic has evolved from the "Overwatch" gameplay especially as the game is all about fast-paced combat; as you try to complete goals and objectives by swapping tactics in order to take over a match.

How about you? What are your best tips and strategies for winning matches in "Overwatch?"

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