'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: Experiment On How To Increase Spawn Rate In Your Home

Going out on a Pokemon hunt with Pokemon Go is fun and exciting. This is how the game is supposed to be played. But what if you got reasons not to go outside, like the weather, or you're sick, or any other excuse?

If you could somehow do something that could make your house (except for those lucky enough to live in the city of course) a spawn point for Pokemon in Pokemon Go, then that would be awesome.

A theory posted by Otakukart.com claims that this should work since somehow it worked on their end when performed. The article says that a home in a rural area has very little to no Pokemon in sight, far from the nearest Pokestop at most 33km and the spawn rate is at 1 Pokemon per hour.

How to increase the spawn rate?

2 members of the house, the wife and the sister were asked to download Pokemon Go and create individual accounts. Take note that the account creation was made on the same GPS range or location. After this, the spawn rate increased from 1 to 2-3 per hour. So imagine if you can borrow around 8 devices creating 3 accounts per device or so.

How come it increased?

The theory states that Niantic has put a feature in their system specific for new accounts created. Whenever a new Pokemon Go account is activated and the Geo Location on that specific device is on, the system will remember this and sort of increases the chance of spawn rate on that area.

So the simple idea is, if you create a Pokemon Go account on a specific area, of course Geo Location must be activated, that point will have one Pokemon spawned each hour. With that said, if you create multiple accounts at the very same place, chances are Niantic will detect it and increase the spawn point on that area.

It is important to know that Niantic will also take note of multiple accounts made in a single device, so to be safe, create multiple accounts via multiple devices to reduce the chances of detection.

This article posts about a theory as of this writing and needs some more experiments to prove it. If have you tried this and it did or didn't work, hit us with your comments below.


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