'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: A Complete Guide To Charmander

Do you remember Charmander? It first appeared as one of your starter Pokemon choices when you set off for your Journey to become the very best in Pokemon Go.

Similar to all Pokemon games, a trainer begins his journey by choosing his starter Pokemon. For Pokemon Go, you have 3 options - 4 if you do the Pikachu trick. After you are done customizing your avatar, you need to pick among Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. The other two will then disappear after choosing one.

If you're a beginner and decided to choose Charmander, or if you have already been playing and have a Charmander in your inventory then this article is for you.

Charmander is famous for being in a generation 1 fire-type Pokemon. Mainly presented as a starter, this humble lizard-like creature will evolve into an icon in the world of Pokemon, Otakukart reports.

Charmander According to Pokedex:

The Lizard Pokemon, the flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself. If the Pokemon becomes enraged, the flame burns fiercely.

Your Charmander's stats are: Maximum CP: 955, Basic Attack: 128, Basic Defense: 108, Basic Stamina: 78, Distance to Hatch from Egg: 2km, Distance to earn 1 Candy during Buddy Walk: 3km.

According to the main Pokemon series, Charmander is averaging in Attacks, Special Attacks, and Speed. However it is low on Health Points (HP), Defense, and Special Defense. This would mean that Charmander is fast enough to take down an opponent before it even gets hit once. In the main series' game, Charmander has average Attack, Special Attack, and Speed.

However, in the Pokemon Go universe, Charmander bears average in Attack, and sadly below average for Stamina, HP, and Defense. Pokemon Go apparently uses some formula to change a Pokemon's stats, altering from the main series into the stats. To summarize, the main series' attributes for Charmander is tuned for Pokemon Go usage since not all that in the main series can be used in gym battles. Because of this, Charmander will start out with low CP and other stats until you evolve it.


Charmander evolves into Charmeleon via 25 Charmander candies. Further, it evolves into Charizard via 100 more Charmander Candies. Charizard belongs to the best Fire Type group in Pokemon Go.

Quick Moves:

Scratch - gives you 12 damage per second (DPS), pretty high for a quick move

Ember - Lowest DPS from the fire-type group, has 9.52 DPS but has an attack bonus (STAB), boosting its DPS to 11.9

Charge Moves:

Flame Burst - has a DPS of 14.29, which is below average, but when used with Charmander it increases to 17.86

Flamethrower - Usual DPS of 18.97, boosted to 23.71 when performed by any Fire type Pokemon such as, who else, Charmander.

Flame Charge - Normal DPS is 8.06 but can be boosted to 10.08 due to STAB.

For Charmander, the highest DPS move set is Flamethrower and Scratch while its best move set to defend gyms is Flamethrower and Ember.

The best Gym Defender moveset for Charmander is Ember and Flamethrower.

Advantages and disadvantages for Charmander's type:

Being a fire-type pokemon, this creature is best for defending gyms as well as attacking it. It has 0.8 times reduced damage from Grass, Fire, Bug, Steel, Fairy, and Ice attacks. Unfortunately, it will take 1.25 times more damage from Ground, Rock, and Water attacks, so avoid these.

Scratch, a Normal type move, does only .8x less damage to Ghost, Steel, and Rock types. Fire type attacks do 1.25 times more damage to Grass, Fire, Bug, Steel, Fairy, and Ice types, but only does 0.8 times less to Water, Rock, Fire, and Dragon types.

**These may be changed if a secondary type is being added to the mix.

Where to find Charmander

Fire type Pokemon have higher spawn rates in cities, neighborhoods, residential areas, places with a dry climate, parks, and beaches

As always, we remind you to play safe when hunting Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Avoid private properties or unsafe places. It is recommended to hunt on crowded areas rather than hunting on your own.


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