‘FIFA 17’ Gameplay Tricks, Update: Secret To Unlocking Ultimate Team Card Revealed; Alan Hansen Claim Incorrect?

"FIFA 17" companion app's data reveals how the players can  unlock the Ultimate Team Card for the FUT 17. Based on reports, this can be done as soon as Alex Hunter finishes the Journey Mode.

Hunter is the character in the game mode that allows players to become the rising celebrity of the English Premier League. "FIFA 17" companion app's mystery card has reportedly been leaked by YouTuber MattHDGamer.

When playing "FIFA 17's" Journey Mode, players must take caution in selecting the personality for Hunter because it will affect both the story's outcome and his progress. According to reports, if the players choose to have a fiery personality for Hunter, he is going to be very popular among his followers, yet his relationship  with his manager will be less cordial.

However, it also believed that choosing a cool personality for Hunter may likely improve his relationship with his manager, although he could not be quite famous among his fans. This means that it is important to balance the relationship of Hunter with his manager and the fans.

"FIFA 17" Journey Mode must also be saved regularly as it will be useful for Hunter when he becomes unsuccessful in  clearing the exit trail. Nevertheless, the players are expected to load a  previous save game in order to succeed in the profession.

"FIFA" Journey Mode is not yet included in "FIFA 17" for Xbox 360 and PlayStation due to the console limitations. This  means that those who want to play the game need to upgrade to Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, "FIFA 17" has reportedly more relevant things to offer than finding talented players and watch them evolve into becoming superstars of the future. According to reports, this is likely the reason behind the game's new story mode, in spite of the fact that "FIFA 17" has a very simple transfer system in its career mode.

"FIFA 17" players must take any opportunity to prove that Alan Hansen is wrong when he said that there is nothing to win with kids. Watch "FIFA 17" The Journey - Official Trailer

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