PS4 Slim Review: Negative Comments Building Up? Nevertheless PS Game Deals Made More Affordable With 'Battlefield Hardline' 'the Last Of us Remastered' Included

The PS4 Slim has raved in several different reviews. Pocket-lint noted that the device is like subjecting the PS4 to an Atkins diet. The review even included that the console looked a tad cheaper.

On the other hand, Digital Trends chose the more functional approach to its evaluation, noting that the PS4 Slim constitutes more than two-thirds of the PS4's size and lighter than the PS4 at only 4.6 pounds. The review goes on saying that the PS4 slim looked less self-serious than the original PS4. The product is meant for play not business, Mike Epstein said.

In terms of features and performance, reviews are one in saying that the PS4 Slim is no different than the original PS4. The PS4 Slim has no features that have not been seen in the original PS4, IGN said. Metro also agreed, arguing that while there are minor improvements, the device is not superior to the PS4.

The most important elements like the processing power, feel of the controller when held, and the library of games available on the PS Store have not changed, Epstein added. The device may have improved appearance and internet connectivity but the PS4 is still working fine, Digital Trends noted.

Reviews say that there is no compelling reason for PS4 owners to opt for a PS4 Slim unless if size matters. The device promises work like the PS4 but with a significantly trimmed aesthetics at $299.99.

Meanwhile, PlayStation deals are being revealed week after week and this week's deals are not as many. However, there will still be discounts available to those who own a PS3, PS4 or Vita.

For those who haved "The Last of Us" on PS3, the standalone version of the "Left Behind" DLC is on sale for $5. There are discounts on "Vanquish" and "Q-Bert: Rebooted" for PS3. The latter also has discounts on Vita along with "The Bit Trip" and "Jet Set Radio".

PS4 Slim and other PS4 versions also get discounts on "The Last of Us Remastered", "The Escapists: The Walking Dead", "Worms Battlegrounds", "NHL 17" and "Filthy Lucre". The first three are available for only $9.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get additional discounts on "Abzu", "Darkest Dungeon", "Battlefield Hardline", "Mighty No.9", "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" and "Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness"

PS4 deals will last until Oct. 3. Check out more PlayStation Sales and the PlayStation Store website.Watch video if PS4 Slim is worth it?

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