Netflix Originals To Watch Out For: Exciting New Shows To Stream On Demand

With the recent success of its September 2016 releases, Netflix has nailed the formula to getting people hooked. The platform has a lot in store for viewers in the upcoming months and many of the shows are Netflix originals. With the online streaming platform's move of adding more original shows to its lineup, viewers are looking forward to its new releases.

While the platform is receiving positive feedback for its original shows, the coming months will serve as a litmus test if Netflix was right to gamble on producing its own shows. Meanwhile, here's a list of top Netflix shows that will roll out by next month.

"The Ranch"

After its successful premiere, "The Ranch" is back in Netflix. The story is a Netflix original where three boys need to take over their losing family farm. This is slated to be a fan-favorite after gathering much support during its initial release. "The Ranch's" release is scheduled on Oct. 7.

"Black Mirror" Season 3

Jumping off from Channel 4, the anthology which will be released on Oct. 21 will feature standalone episodes centered on paranoia over modern technology. Charlie Brooker creation will have more episodes this season.

"Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories"

This drama centers around a small eatery where customers can request whatever they want. This is a story that feeds the soul as much as the belly and it's due for release on Oct. 21.

"Skylanders Academy" Season 1

This action comedy from "Futurama" creator Eric Rogers is scheduled for release on Oct. 28. It follows a team of heroes with elemental powers that saves their universe against villains.

Netflix Documentaries

It's not just all about TV series and films for Netflix, there are intriguing documentary releases in their lineup. Among their October releases include "13th" which chronicles racial inequality's history in the U.S., "Sky Ladder" which follows an artist's rise to fame, and "Into the Inferno" which explores mythical volcanoes.

Series Renewals

After its successful release of several Netflix originals including the quirky anthology "Easy" and the introduction of the newest Marvel superhero series "Luke Cage," viewers are expecting more entertaining shows from the streaming site. With "Stranger Things," "Jessica Jones," "Daredevil," "House of Cards," and "Orange Is the New Black" scheduled for more seasons, there's much to look forward to in the coming months.

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