Internet of Things News: Qualcomm Snapdragon To Open For Distributors, Smart Home Tech To Further Develop

Qualcomm is now expanding its business in the field of Internet of Things with its Snapdragon 600E and Snapdragon 410E chips. Both of these processors are made for embedded apps in IoT products. These IoT products could include digital signages, medical imaging, set-top boxes, point of sale systems and more.

What Is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things or IoT simply refers to the development of internet technology in everyday objects. This could refer to smart home appliances, drones, robots, and similar objects. IoT refers to the ability of objects to send and receive data through network connectivity.

Qualcomm To Double Down Its Presence In IoT

Qualcomm's Snapdragon line is best known for powering most of the current Android devices like tablets and smartphones. However, recent reports suggest that the company is aiming to be more involved in IoT than ever. Right now, a source alleges that Qualcomm is taking a big business step by making the Snapdragon processors available through external distributors.

The company has already connected with Arrow Electronics but more distributors will be added as time pass by. Qualcomm's move is aimed towards making enough processors for the many IoT manufacturers that are in the market right now. This means that manufacturers of every size will be able to get any amount of the Snapdragon 410 and Snapdragon 600E to use in their products.

Snapdragon 410E and Snapdragon 600E

The Snapdragon 410E is Qualcomm's new chip aimed to power Internet of Things machines like smart washing machines, robots, TV dongles and the likes, Phone Arena reported. The Snapdragon 500E, on the other hand, is simply a more souped-up chip that has the same purpose as the 410E. Technically, the new Snapdragon chips aren't any different from what your smartphones have. These new ones are just clocked lower and equipped with less demanding specifications.


With this move from Qualcomm, it won't be impossible for the future of smart home products to be further developed. It is possible that in the coming months, more and more smart appliances will be launched using Qualcomm's new Snapdragon chips. With that said, expect to see more TVCs and print ads showing industrial electronics with the Snapdragon chips on their labels.

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