'Hearthstone' Yogg-Saron Comeback Card Evens Odds; Changing Card Stats Wrong Move? Deck Archetypes Boost Levels

"Hearthstone" gamer Brian Kibler went to Youtube to voice out his complaints towards the game. Previously, players have complained the random effects of the game like how Yogg-Saron has been mistakenly added in the decks in the "Whispers of the Old Gods" expansion. Kibler noted that Yogg-Saron is a comeback card to be used to even the odds regardless if it can only be used at the end of the match.

"Hearthstone" is set on making its mark as a go-to mobile card game for enthusiasts. However, an avid gamer noted problems in the game more than just randomness. There are also some changes that are expected from the game like the cards.

Changing stats for cards are said to be a wrong move for games like Hearthstone because of the skills and chance that the game requires more than the other games. Kibler stressed on the importance of making these changes known to everyone as it affects others' skills and decks as well. In the game, players need to assess and reassess cards all the time. Changing cards frequently causes an unstable environment for other players.

"Hearthstone" developer Blizzard is expected to add more formats and cards. This could mean getting access to other game modes that c may help when managing skills. Blizzard may opt to pull out two full expansions and another two smaller adventures each year, Kibler added.

Meanwhile, over the course of Year of the Kraken, "Hearthstone" has been defined and refined by its gamers. Currently, there is a wider variety of deck archetypes to be discovered.

New playstyles and strategies have also evolved. The introduction of new cards to the card pool also resulted in more chances to innovate, discover new decks, and even leads to older cards for a power level boost.

Managing and monitoring the strength and overall power levels of cards are known to be crucial to the game. A "Hearthstone" update may be expected soon that will change several Basic and Classic cards.

Shaman represents a large population of the overall decks played in the game these past months. Shaman has several deckbuilding options and Blizzard is set on adjusting two of the most played Shaman cards.

Rockbiter Weapon is said to be one of the most widely played Shaman cards due to its burst-damage combo abilities that may be reliable as a removal tool early in the game. Changes to be made with the Rockbiter include devaluing it from 1 to 2 Mana. Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem are rumored to leave the Standard soon.

Tuskarr Totemic is slated to be an option for decks with extra totems like Thing From Below and Primal Fusion. However it cannot have standalone high power lever options on turn three. Hence, Tuskarr Totemic can only summon basic totems.

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