Pre-Order 'Dishonored 2' And Get A Headstart: New Trailer Shows And Why It's A 'Game Of The Year' Contender

Dishonered 2 Pre-Order Perks

Bethesda just announced that anyone who wishes to play Dishonored 2 early can do so. Anyone who Pre-Orders the game can play the game a day early, this is the perfect opportunity to get a headstart (and earn major spoiler rights and blackmail material). However, the details of the Pre-Order perk is not clear on how this will work for retail copies versus downloads. Hopefully, Bethesda will be able to provide more details before the game's release -which is still more than a month away on November 11.

Kill The Grand Inventor Trailer

In addition to the Pre-Order perk announcement, a new gameplay trailer called "Kill the Grand Inventor" has been released.

The gameplay video shows off Emily Kaldwin as she navigates the Clockwork Mansion using her abilities - both supernatural and physical - showcasing her spells, weapons and gadgets by killing all that gets in her way. (I honestly can't pick a favorite between 'Shadow Walk' and 'Domino') The Clockwork Mansion belongs to a deranged inventor and Emily started eliminating the clockwork soldiers as she seeks out to rescue an old friend. These soldiers can allegedly take you out in a single hit and they are fast; - this is according to gamers who have been lucky enough to be given a hands-on experience.  The game have so much attention to detail that you can access the ceiling, small spaces, and get into walls or floor. Areas that seem inaccessible to other games but are utilized in Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 keeps looking better and according to a report from Forbes, the new Bethesda game is a graphical stepup from its predecessor. Despite its more fluid and natural gameplay, as shown in the trailer, it still maintained the graphic-art style of the franchise. And a post from Destructoid, says it could be a serious Game of the Year contender. 

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