Apple May Release iPhone 8 With Edge-To-Edge Display For Its 10th Anniversary: Rumor Round-Up

Apple is rumored to be developing the next iPhone, the iPhone 8, in one of its offices in Israel. This is based on a statement released by an employee inside the office. The iPhone 8 is speculated to have a revolutionary design that is far different than previous iterations of the device.

According to MacRumors, the iPhone 8 will presumably have an edge-to-edge display that will remove top and bottom bezels. It will also feature better cameras. An employee who chose to stay anonymous has leaked the valuable information to the public about what to expect from the iPhone 8.

Getting To Know The iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 will be very different on its overall features. This stands on firm ground as Apple will be celebrating its 10th anniversary of its very first iPhone in 2017. Another one of the rumors states that the iPhone 8 will have a curved screen.

Though Apple is known to release iPhone "S" variants, it seems like the iPhone 7 will not have one, as the Apple employee refers to the currently being developed phone as the iPhone 8. This would surely increase the sales of the iPhone 8 as there will be no further divisions surrounding the iPhone.

Development Of The iPhone 8 In Israel

According to The Times of Israel, the Apple office in Israel is the company's second-largest research and development facility in the whole world. With this alone, it is very possible that the leaked rumors are true.

Currently, Apple has remained silent about the rumors. If the reports are indeed true, then it would be a wise decision to just reserve money and skip buying the iPhone 7, in hopes of landing a much better deal with the very different and truly revolutionary iPhone on 2017 - the iPhone 8.

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