iMac 2016 May Be Released With MacBook Pro 2016 And MacBook Air 2016 This October

Apple is just a few weeks away from the release of the iMac 2016. Despite the assurance that it will indeed be unveiled to the public in October, it is still unsure if it will be simultaneously released with the new MacBooks.

Apple is known to be aiming for a launch this October, although the surest release of them all is with the 2016 MacBook Pro, and possibly also the 2016 MacBook Air. According to MacRumors, Apple is "moving rapidly toward a launch" of the new laptop, and it is very plausible that the iMac 2016 would come with it.

What To Expect From The iMac 2016

One of the tricky bits to speculations is that the 2016 iMac will feature Polaris 10, while the new MacBooks will get the Polaris 11. The iMac 2016 will also feature an AMD graphics card that supports Virtual Reality, making it a true gaming machine.

If this proves to be true, then Apple will not only be dealing with office uses as what its previous models are targeted for, but it may also be going for the gaming demographic. This will open Apple's doors to more game developers, thus widening the scope of its own market, possibly even beating the more reputable Microsoft gaming desktops.

Super Ultra HD Display Of The iMac 2016

The iMac 2016 may also feature an Ultra HD 5K display. If this is the case, then this desktop computer would surely be among one of the best computers with a wonderfully looking display resolution. Apple is known to be an innovator when it comes to providing superior quality experiences.

It just does this as it introduces the next-gen displays. It wants to go beyond the border, knowing that 4K is already a very high resolution for most of the latest TVs. If Apple continues this trend of providing the best of what there is, then surely, the future will even be brighter for the company.

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