Google Re-Brands Its Cloud Apps For Work; Now Called G Suite

Google recently re-branded it cloud apps for work, now called the G Suite. The company enhanced it with new features and capabilities. This move might be beneficial for Google in competing with Microsoft Office 365.

G Suite And Its Apps

G Suite is a group name for applications such as Docs, Sheets and Slides. These apps will utilize Google Intelligence. According to PC World, the new features will make it easier to create files.

The Research feature in Docs is rebranded as Explore. Information about the document's subject will surface automatically and quicker. It is applicable both from the web and from files shared in Google Drive.

The Explore feature in Sheets will let users ask questions in natural language. They will be able to get information back. It's akin to that of Microsoft's Power BI service. The application will most benefit those who have little editing capabilities.

Meanwhile, for Slide, people will effortlessly obtain images for their presentations. There is an automatic assistance in the text and image layout.

The suite also includes Gmail and the Google Calendar. Both have been updated for a more convenient use. Google Calendar's Find a Time feature, in particular, allows users to schedule meetings and reserve meeting rooms. The said feature will be available on the web by the end of 2016.

Apparently, Google wants the suite to be more appealing to users. It might also prevent people from switching to Office 365. G Suite is specifically geared towards team collaboration in organizations. It will allow employees to be more productive.

G Suite's New Team Drives Feature

The previous team drive was pretty tough with the file sharing. It required every file to have a single person owner. The new feature now lets groups own files inside Google Drive. It means that teams can have and own folders and files inside Drive. Though administrators still control the access to team Drive. It will be available on Thursday in private beta.

Another major change is featured in Google Hangouts' video conferencing service. There's no requirement for an installed plugin or app. People can just join meetings from any device. This is already available in private beta.

Quick Access In Drive

According to Tech Crunch, Android users will enjoy the new Quick Access feature in Drive. Quick Access will reduce the time used to take getting to the right file by 50 percent. It will be achieved by eliminating the need to search for the file.

The highlight of the Drive is machine learning technology. It predicts the file that users need without even typing the file name. Google's machine learning technology bases its prediction on Drive activity, colleague interactions and workday patterns of the user.

Google's Head Cloud Chief Diane Green recently revealed that Google is excited to democratize machine learning, according to Fortune. She added that the both its cloud computing business and work document tools with blow costumers away.

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