NBA Trade Rumors: JR Smith To Be Traded To Goran Dragic After Demanding A $15 Million Salary From Cavs

JR Smith has been holding out on signing a new contract with the Cavs for an uncomfortably long time now, and it looks like the team may have their sights on Heat point guard Goran Dragic.

Reports have surfaced that JR Smith is asking for $15 million a year, which presents an enormous headache for the already salary cap troubled Cavs.

It presents an interesting problem for the reigning champions because, on one hand, you have a player who was essential in their 2015-2016 championship run but on the other hand, $15 million would definitely cripple an already inflexible salary cap situation.

And with JR Smith largely absent from the team's recent training camp, tensions seem to be flaring as the Cavs are rumored to give JR the good old sign and trade.

But help might come in the form of an unlikely source for the Cavs as the Miami Heat is looking for ways to get JR Smith. The Heat already has a gutted roster from all the offseason drama that happened to them this year; missing out on Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade leaving, and Chris Bosh's heat career almost certainly being over.

The team might need to retool their team and signing J.R Smith could be a big boost to play alongside new superstar Hassan Whiteside.

But again, if the Cavs do sign Smith, then the Heat might be forced to give up Goran Dragic if they really want to get the shooting guard. This certainly makes sense for the Cavs if they do want to get rid of JR Smith because it is no secret that they are in dire need of a backup point guard.

But then again, this trade would seem unlikely given that the Heat could just sign JR Smith with all the cap space they have. And Goran Dragic, who has been a bit disappointing with his Heat career, might be worth keeping around now that Miami needs a good playmaker with Wade's departure.

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