'Destiny 2' Details Reveal Dev From Scratch; Players Request Character Carry Over; 'Destiny' Hot Fix Patch No Need To Kill Omnigul For Blue Loot

"Destiny 2" latest information reveals that Bungie plans to create a brand new game sequel, which could mean dropping the old activities, characters and planets. Although it remains unclear what changes will be given to the new instalment, it appears that the developer is starting from scratch, based on a recent interview.

The "Destiny" player progress is unlikely to be transferred to "Destiny 2" as Bungie is rumored to give less priority on its previous plan. The game developer initially revealed a 10-year project for its sci-fi shooter, where players would witness the game's universe grow over time. It was reported to keep the player's original progress and character even after "Destiny' received sequels and expansions.

For some "Destiny" players, it is no big deal if character progress will not be carried over, given the possibility that some weapons and items could not make a jump. Although  a lot of them have reportedly stated that they only want their characters to be carried over. Those who have purchased in-game silver in order to unlock premium emotes and dances revealed that it was only because they believe that everything will be moved forward over the next ten years.

Until such time when confirmed details about "Destiny 2" appear, fans are expected to remain worried of what would happen to their Guardian, or if the time they spent in Bungie's universe will be gone for nothing.

Meanwhile, "Destiny" players may no longer kill repeatedly Omnigul for the blue loot due to a new hotfix. However, this does not fix the major issue brought by the "Rise of the Iron".

Long time "Destiny" players know that levelling beyond 340 is very difficult, and to make progress in the new raid would need them to be either 355 or 360. To get there is like a chore, except when in-depth FAQs have been read to give them an idea on how to do it.

"Destiny" players can bypass this; however, Bungie makes a difficult experience instead of a less tedious one by removing the exploit. Watch "Destiny 2" LEAKED INFO! PC Platform, Huge Saturn Playspace, New Enemy Factions & DLC Expansions

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