'Empire' Season 3 Spoilers, News And Update: Rhonda Dies But Still On The Show?

Fans of the series "Empire" season 3 are shocked as Rhonda suddenly fell from the balcony while fighting with Anika. Although viewers were already hinted of Rhonda's death in earlier spoilers, everyone is still shocked to see her tragically die. However, reports claim that although Rhonda is dead she will still be on the show through her mentally ill husband, Andre.

The actress is said to be still appearing in future episodes of the season despite her character's death. Rhonda will still be interacting with Andre who is expected to have a very hard time getting over his wife's death. In last week's premiere episode of season 3, Andre is seen mourning for his wife and later on actually sees her in his mind. He imagines her telling him he can't live without her. In fact, it really was Rhonda who took good care of Andre and made sure he drank all his medicines and kept him sane when his illness takes over him.

The fight between Anika and Rhonda started when Rhonda learned she lost her baby when Anika pushed her down the stairs.

Ilene Chaiken, the creator of the series, confirmed that although Rhonda is dead, she is not totally gone from the series. "Rhonda dies but she's not out of the show. It's an important part of Andre's story and his psyche, and it really tells the story of his state of mind." She added.

Meanwhile, fans sympathize for Andre as he has already lost too many in his life. From his mother, Cookie, his imprisonment at a young age and being raised by a strict father. Later on in the show, the audience learned that the reason for his father's anger towards him was stemmed from Leah, his mother, who was also diagnosed with mental illness.

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