Here's Why Battlefield 1 Has Lots Of Playable Characters

With just being less than a month away, players can expect more details about Battlefield 1 to surface. And sure enough, DICE is starting to take the hype to a whole new level. One of the topics the studio chose to reveal is the decision to opt with a multiple playable characters. Here's why.

According to the official site of Battlefield 1, the single-player mode of the game will be focused on War Stories, as it jumps between various characters -- rather than the typical one soldier move. The video game company believes that The Great War is quite diverse, something that they "wanted to embrace." Also, the studio wants to cover as many WW1 "perspectives and characters" -- both of which are unique to each other.

DICE points out that if Battlefield 1 will only be about a single character who hops through different areas, it won't be that immersive. Hence the devs opted to create a set of playable characters -- all which have their own respective stories and experiences to tell. It's worth noting that most of these characters have already been revealed back in the single-player trailer of the game.

Unlike in the previous installments, Battlefield 1 will feature cinematic cutscenes, giving players a glimpse of their controlled character. This alone was specifically developed so as to give players an emotional connection with their respective characters. More so, a great storytelling can be experienced.

It's interesting to know that Battlefield 1 will feature a good number of historic figures (in real-life). One noticeable icon is the great Lawrence of Arabia, who'll be appearing alongside with other playable characters. These are expected to be revealed sooner or later before the game officially launches.

GameRant, on the other hand, reports that the developers of Battlefied 1 wanted to embrace freedom by way of delivering a systematic gameplay in the game's storyline. Through this, players will gain more choices, for instance, on how to complete a particular mission.

Battlefield 1 is slated to hit the shelves come October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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