NBA 2K17 Guide: Here Are The Recommended MyCareer Attributes

NBA 2K17 might be as simple as playing one of the all-time favorite sports of all -- basketball, that is. However, dominating it isn't as easy as counting one to three. One has to have the right know-how, most especially in the so-called feature MyCareer. But worry not -- here's a guide that'll help you create the almost perfect superstar by knowing the right attributes to use!

What Is NBA 2K17 MyCareer

In its most organic form, this NBA 2K17 feature is what makes every players immerse in the game. It isn't easy though, as there are lots of things (i.e. weight, height, speed) to consider. Hence players need to remember that MyCareer is all about their own playstyle -- nothing more, nothing less.

The Right NBA 2K17 Attributes To Use

Needless to say, NBA 2K17 players need to have the right balance, one that perfectly suits them well. This is where attributes can come very handy, though they can be slightly complicated in a way. Below are some of them that help players make progress further.

  • Paint Protector - Layups and Dunks, Rebounding, Strength, Defending, Agility.
  • Post Scorer - Rebounding, Defending, Layup and Dunks, Strength, Post Scoring.
  • Stretch Big - Playmaking, Agility & Defending, 3pt Shooting, Mid-range shooting.
  • Glass Cleaner - Agility, Defending, Layups and Dunks, Rebounding, Strength.
  • Athletic Finisher- Layups and Dunks, Defender, Shooting off dribble, Playmaker, Agility
  • Point Forward - Playmaking, Agility, Layups and Dunks, Mid-range shooting, Shooting Off Dribble.
  • Lockdown Defender - Layup and Dunks, Rebounding, Strength, Defending, Agility.
  • Shot Creator - Defending, Mid-range shooting, Layups and Dunks, Agility, Shooting Off Dribble.
  • Slasher - Defender, Shooting off dribble, Playmaking, Agility, Layups and Dunks.
  • Sharpshooter - 3pt shooting, Defending, Agility, Post Scoring, Mid-Range Shooting.

Also, as much as possible, it's important to pay utmost attention to the Custom Jumpshots in NBA 2K17. This is can significantly help a player in this journey. So instead of going for the kill (the flashy plays per se), go for something that isn't hard to execute.

What are your thoughts on this NBA 2K17 guide? How about the attributes? Have you given them a try already in MyCareer? Let us know at the comment section below!

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