Lady Gaga's New Album Joanne: It's All About Connection

Lady Gaga is currently working on her fifth studio album and it's not going to be long until she releases it. The musician mentioned that one of her goals for this album is to have people reconnected again just like the good old days, and by that, she meant those days where the world wasn't obsessed with social media and texting.

Lady Gaga had been talking a lot about human connection lately, stating that she wanted to be more than just an artist and a musician that people look up to.  

"The truth is I want nothing more for both myself and for other people than human connection and love,"

"I just want to be closer to not only my fans, but other people and to build a relationship with them through the music where they know that I'm their sister, know that I'm their friend."

According to the artist, she desired real human connection ever since her career rose. One of the reasons why is because she couldn't just simply interact and have a normal conversation with anyone especially in public. Although she's certainly grateful and glad that she was still able to meet people in her career and make friends with her co-musicians.

Gaga also explained the album's theme. The reason why her album is called "Joanne" is because of this one particular person she had a connection with which is her father's sister "Joanne Stefani Germanotta", who died because of Lupus, 12 years before the artist's birth. She said she knew that she and her late aunt had a strong connection even if she wasn't able to meet her.

"My connection to her has been strong my whole life. I always wondered what it was - the mystery of Joanne - this person that I never got to meet that was an absolute tornado of both love and tragedy," she told E! news.

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