Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors: Next Phablet To Sport Spectacular Camera With Unique Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may have been one of the most unfortunate releases of the South Korean tech giant ever. However, this doesn't mean that Samsung will give up all hopes for their Note series.

In fact, rumors are now starting to circulate about the next Samsung Note in line, the Galaxy Note 8. Among the most interesting things about Note 8 is that it will come with super improved cameras. Some people say that this might be the company's take on Apple iPhone 7 Plus' major camera features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

There isn't a lot that is known about the Galaxy Note 8 so far. However, based on the tiny details that have circulated about the device, it looks like Samsung is planning to focus more on the hardware area for Note 7's successor.

According to IBTimes, the company might produce an S Pen with speakers, and it could probably be released first for the Galaxy Note 8. However, the most exciting part about the Note 8, aside from the alleged high-tech stylus, is probably its camera specs. Recent patents revealed that Samsung is planning something big for Note 8's camera department.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cameras

According to Yahoo, a patent application was spotted in Samsung's home town and it revealed that the company is working on something camera related for its upcoming device. According to rumors, Samsung will change the user interface of the camera to cater to new touchscreen gestures that would make zooming a lot easier and more effective. What's more interesting about this is that the application was filed by Samsung just a week after Apple launched the iPhone 7. It could simply be a coincident, but it could also be that Samsung's move was provoked by the new iPhone's camera specs.

Needless to say, it's not clear why Samsung would want to file a patent on zooming, when in fact, most smartphones already have that feature. Nevertheless, it could simply be because they are planning to use a dual camera system as well. If so, they might actually probably need such an improvement for the Note 8's optical zoom feature. As a whole, it might be too early to predict what the Galaxy Note 8 will be all about. It's just quite exciting to know that Samsung is bringing in new things and good alterations for its upcoming phablet.

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