OnePlus 4 vs iPhone 8: Rumor Against Rumor

The year is ending soon, and for the mobile phone market, this means that new flagships are on their way for launch. Two of the most anticipated phones for 2017 are the OnePlus 4 and the iPhone 8. The OnePlus 4 is expected to be yet another flagship killer from OnePlus. The iPhone 8 on the other hand, is expected to yet again set the standard for other phones to follow. Since these two phones are both anticipated to be super high-end, it's just fair to compare them head to head.

iPhone 8 Rumors

Since the iPhone 7 has just been released last month, not a lot of info has been released about its successor just yet. However, there are quite a few consistent rumors that talks about the iPhone 8's build. According to sources, the next iPhone will feature a curved and edge-to-edge screen. Also, the device will be all-glass, with all its supposed front components embedded on the display. This means that the iPhone 8's front camera, home button and Touch ID will all be under its rumored OLED display.

Furthermore, according to a PC Advisor report, the iPhone 8 could also boast of a 3D display that won't be needing 3D glasses. How that could be done, is still anybody's question. Needless to say, it was said that the iPhone 8 will come in three variants. This could mean that only one of which will carry all the rumored premium features.

OnePlus 4 Specs

For the OnePlus 4, there have been quite a lot of info rotating about the next OnePlus phone's specs. However, this could be merely because it's easy to predict the company's next move specs-wise. For its unique features, not a lot of news have come out just yet. What's certain as of now is that it would improve a lot from its predecessor. This means that the OnePlus 4's internals could be one of the best for 2017.

It was said that OnePlus 4 will come with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB maximum storage. Furthermore, it could use Qualcomm's most high-end processor on top of the latest Android version. For the camera department, OnePlus might take the MP count to the next level by giving the OnePlus 4 a 23 MP rear camera, Tech Times reported.

OnePlus 4 vs iPhone 8 Conclusions

Based on current information about both phones, it looks like the iPhone 8 has a lot of new things planned for next year. Considering all the rumored changes and additions, it's clear that Apple's iPhone 8 could be the most improved phone bound for 2017. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 4 should still be given credit. It is still a flagship killer. When talking about specs, it's quite undeniable that OnePlus produces smartphones with super hefty specs. It's just that Apple has a way with new and interesting features more than its competitors.

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