Bring Back the iPhone 7 Headphone Jack with this $10 Kickstarter Campaign

Few days after iPhone 7's release, consumers have been gripped with two major issues: The lack of a 3.5mm headphone port and the inability to charge the iPhone 7 while listening to music.

Much talk has been made about this huge change. Apple ditched the audio jack in favor of more sophisticated and expensive wireless earphones. It seems that they want to put the 3.5 mm headphone a thing of the past, but not everyone agrees to it yet

Although the iPhone 7 comes with its own headphone jack adapter - the Lightning Port - still, the hassle of listening to music while running low on battery without having any choice to solve it poses a legitimate issue.

Listen to Music and Charge at the Same Time with New Accessory

Since then, market forces have been rushing in to meet the demands of most consumers. A Kickstarter Campaign Led by Lance Easley proves that charging your phones while listening to music will not be much of an issue anymore.

iLDOCK hopes to launch a small lightning enabled device that would bring back the 3.55 mm headphone jack and a lightning input for charging. Besides the headphone jack and lightning port, iLDOCK also provides ports for an SD, Trans Flash card and USB allowing 128GB space.

The device made from an aircraft grade aluminum and CNC will allow consumers to choose from four colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey - all trendy and uniformed to fit with the shades of the iPhone 7.

Other Products Emerge

The said device certainly is not the first idea to hit the market. OnGo Dual Function Lightning Adapter plus 3.5 mm Headphone jack already hit Amazon. Another Indiegogo Campaign is also hitting the charts - Fuze, an iPhone 7 case does the same thing as an adapter, but it is directly built into the case allowing users more comfort.

The iLDOCK campaign hopes to raise $5,000 in order to bring its pocket-sized product to the market. 9to5mac reported that 20 backers already pledged a total of $293 of the $5000 goal. The campaign still has 28 days remaining for it to fully reach its fully funded status. One iLDOCK port would be given for every $10 pledge. 

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