Overwatch Update: Are We Finally Getting Sombra?

With the release of Overwatch, Blizzard has further proved to the gaming industry what they're capable of. Sure enough, the game's player pool continues to grow each day, as fans see it as one of the best (multiplayer) first-person shooter video games. But for gamers who've been enjoying it for quite some time already, they're definitely hoping for a new hero to arrive -- Sombra, that is. Well, looks like they're about to get it.

According to Game Detectives, Blizzard is set to reveal the details of the new Overwatch hero really soon. In fact, as shown on a site called AMomentInCrime.com, the countdown is around 73 percent. Many believe that the timer might reach the 100 mark around October 16 to October 17, a timeline which is only a few weeks prior to the studio's annual BlizzCon event.

It's also worth noting that a recent comment has been added to the Overwatch source code (thanks to data miners). It reads, "Parece que se están calentando un poco las cosas... tendré que pasar desapercibida mientras esto se finalize." If translated, it simply means, "It seems that things are are warming up a little... gotta go unnoticed while it completes."

A Reddit user, on the other hand, was also able to discover a photo of Junkrat (also an Overwatch hero) seemingly dressed as the titular Dr. Frankenstein. The latter, in reference, could mean the upcoming Halloween event for the title. It should be noted that a recent Sombra hint was data mined from the game's Public Test Realm client. So, if anything else, the new hero might be wrapped as a Halloween present soon.

Another hint for the Overwatch Halloween motif from Blizzard could be ferreted out from Winston's animation of the game. On it, both the character and Mercy are seen posing for picture, each in stunning costumes. And what's interesting? It says "Happy Halloween, Winston" on the picture, adding to the rumored Halloween skins for the highly favorite game.

What are your thoughts on the next Overwatch hero named Sombra? Do you think she'll arrive this Halloween? How about the gig that Blizzard is trying to generate? Be sure to share us what your thoughts are by using the comment section below!

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