'Overwatch' News & Guide: How To Actually Be Dominant With Reinhardt; Blizzard Nerfs McCree, Buffs Ana

"Overwatch" is the kind of game that cannot be mastered in a single sitting. But learning and being good at least one hero can get players on top. Speaking of which, it pays to be a good controller of Reinhardt. Meanwhile, it is interesting to know that Blizzard unleashed a new update. It upgrades Ana, but nerfs McCree (once again).

If there is an "Overwatch" hero that rhymes with massive powers and shield, it is no other than Reindhardt. This hero, when used properly, can be a nightmare in the battlefield. But of course, using him is not as easy as most players would think. In fact, as what Mashable notes, Reinhardt can be an exciting "Overwatch" hero to play if fans have the patience to do so.

In all general sense, the said "Overwatch" character is a beast when it comes to tanking. And like any other tank heroes (in other games as well), they are there to absorb all the damage and stuff for their team. They do this as the hitters do their job in, well, hitting.

One of the best ways to level up an "Overwatch" gameplay with Reinhardt is to keep his Barrier Field active most of the time. It is there to soak up all the incoming damages, acting as a walking shield for his troops.

Also, it is worth noting that this "Overwatch" hero is not an ideal choice for players who want to do things on their own. He is basically the kind of character that, in one way or another, must provide and acquire help from his teammates. Otherwise, he is a walking useless piece of garbage.

For "Overwatch" players looking to play Reinhardt, it is best to understand the concept of defending a team. After all, it is his primary objective. If they want to dish out quick, heavy damages, Fire Strike is the best option to have. This is most especially if the enemies tend to kick him right in-front of his face. Furthermore, it pays to use his Charge accordingly, so it would make total sense if it is used on the right time.

In related news, Polygon reports that Blizzard has brought a new "Overwatch" update. The patch, which was recently rolled out, gives the new hero Ana a quick boost. However, it makes McCree a little bit less effective -- especially on longer range combats.

The new "Overwatch" hero Ana can now fire her Biotic Rifle at a rate of 20 percent faster than the previous one. Heck, it can even hold up to 10 rounds. The tweak is believed to address her overall weakness.

As for McCree, this is actually the second time that he gets nerfed. The aforesaid "Overwatch" hero was already tweaked last month, but it seems the job is not yet done. The new patch reduces his primary weapon's range. His alternate fire, on the other hand, gets a 15 percent upgrade in terms of firing rate.

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