NBA 2K17 MyCareer Gameplay Speed-Up: How To Gain +1 Point Every Practice Court Entry; Locker Codes Uses Here!

Now that "NBA 2K17" MyCareer is already available, players are expected to find ways to progress faster. In fact, a player reportedly shared an easy trick to increase the ratings for stamina, hustle, reaction and free throws. Also, earning +1 for every practice court entry can strengthen the MyPlayer character.

To do that, players must try every exercise they can do in the area, wherein they earn points by just practicing on court or trying each drill in the gym. According to reports, 2K Sports randomly put a +1 increase in one of the several equipments in the area.

Every completed drill in "NBA 2K17" MyCareer gives the players a +1 boost. Moreover, during a practice on court, when a player asks about a one-on-one practice match, they must quickly deny the requests to avoid rewarding the player with a bonus.

Exclusive drills found in Team Practice like practicing the free throws and sprinting can also be done. Aside from this, the three drills set by the coach can be skipped since doing the drills by themselves can provide them with +1 boosts.

While the "NBA 2K17" MyCareer mode could be very difficult, the players must also take note that is only applies to the PS4 version. The PC and the Xbox One reportedly have a bug, which prevents the +1 boosts from being used permanently. When 2K Games previously launched patch 1.03, the players were then experiencing issues with the +1 rating.

Meanwhile, "NBA 2K17'" players are still patiently waiting for the new and accessible Locker Codes in the game. These codes are reported to provide various types of helpful bonuses from those that can help them mix better teams up to the ones that give access to special in game items.

According to 2K, the players only need to go over the main and look for the "options/features tab and find the "Locker Codes" option. After this, they can now enter the Locker Code received.

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