'Pokemon Go' Tips and Tricks: How To Get More Stardust and Use Them Wisely

"Pokemon GO" Buddy system was already launched and players recently discovered the greater need for stardust. Walking with a buddy Pokemon means earning candies that can be used in the evolution of Pokemon creatures, which would also require stardust.

Catching Pokemon will yield 100 stardust and hatching eggs give up to 2,000 stardust per 10km egg as well as taking and holding a gym. It should be noted that gamers have suggested holding off on the stardust until level 30 where the stronger Pokemon creatures will make better gym contenders.

Stardust can also be acquired by investing more in "Pokemon GO' like buying incense and lures to increase Pokemon that is caught. An incense costs about 80 pokecoins and will yield one Pokemon per 200 meters. Walking with a buddy Pokemon for 2.5km in 30 mins can yield up to 1,200 stardust.

A lure costs 100 coins and will give about five to six Pokemon per lure. Additionally, incubators can hatch eggs more frequently. Hatching only 10km eggs will yield 2,000 stardust per egg.

Meanwhile, the Capture location feature was once part of "Pokemon GO", removed due to its slow loading time and now makes a comeback. The Capture location will be able to tell what creature was captured and where it was taken indicating the city and state it was caught in. However, the game reportedly has more severe issues than the Capture location feature was.

"Pokemon GO" reportedly crashes during gym battles and consecutive evolutions on iOS phones. The game reportedly also crashes when doing simple tasks like transferring or powering up a Pokemon monster and even while catching a Pokemon.

Niantic noted the possibility of memory leaks from version 39.1 and 1.9 update adding that the app typically requires a large amount of the phone's RAM. Reports say that not running other apps during gameplay will affect the game's performance as well as storing too many apps that take up loads of memory.

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