Digital Homicide Is Gone 'Destroyed' After Removal From Steam

After the whole fiasco between Digital Homicide and its Steam users, which ultimately led to Valve's involvement after they were subpoenaed to reveal the identity of the users who were allegedly bullying Digital Homicide and sending them death threats. The game development company finally withdraws all lawsuits they filed including the one against Valve.

Digital Homicide Admits Defeat

Digital Homicide withdraws all lawsuits against a hundred anonymous Steam users they accused of criminal impersonation, cyber bullying, stalking, harrassment, even death threats; and more, including the lawsuit they filed against Valve after their games were removed from Steam saying Valve failed to support members of its gaming community. Valve removed the said games because the company was subpoenaed by Digital Homicide to reveal the hundred John and Jane Does as well as their identities. Valve saw this as a hostile attack toward them and removed Digital Homicide completely from Steam. Now, Digital Homicide admits defeat saying it's been 'destroyed' because they claim they can't afford to file the lawsuits anymore since their games have been removed and therefore have no more means of support.

The Steam users who've been allegedly hating on Digital Homicide claims that the games the company had released were reskins and recycles of several old games they have. Digital Homicide took offense from this claim and proceeded to pursue a lawsuit against a hundred anonymous users. Suing a hundred users from the internet, and Valve itself, however, could be quite expensive and thus it was something Digital Homicide said they can't afford at this point so they withdrew all lawsuits they filed.

Digital Homicide is not without support however as they allegedly recieved an exact number of 50 positive emails claiming their support for the independent gaming development company from Steam.

According to an interview with TechRaptor, James Romine who owned half of the company said that the company is destroyed due to Valve's lack of support after their games were removed, said "As far as digital homicide? It's destroyed. It's been stomped into the ground from a thousand directions and use is discontinued. I'm going back into the work force and watching what's really going on."

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