Google Store Makes Way For Pixel, Pixel XL; Removes Nexus Line From Shelves

Google had a big day on Tuesday as it hosted an event that unveiled its newest phones, routers, VR headsets and more gadgets and devices. However, despite the seeming abundance of new products, a surely unpopular decision has been made. That is, Google did not introduce a new Nexus phone.

With the unveiling of the new Pixel and Pixel XL, the previous flagship phones of Google, the Nexus 5X and 6P, are brushed to the sidelines. On the brighter side, it is still unofficial as to whether Google really stopped its production.

Goodbye To Google Nexus

The company also decided to remove the Mattel View-Master VR Starter Pack as well as the Google Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer. This shows that Google is focusing more on the Daydream platform with regards to its virtual reality initiative.

The sacrifice of Google on the Nexus line of phones also makes sense as this will mean more focus will be redirected towards the new Pixel phones. It is also a strategic move to make knowing that Google wants to shift the game to a newer brand, in hopes of catching up with Apple and Samsung in terms of aesthetics, pricing, and overall quality.

Google Nexus Is Still Alive As Of Now

With it, a new Chromecast Ultra is said to be unveiled and will feature a 4K display as well as its own Android TV. It seems like the trend of putting an end to the popular products that define a company is upon us, as the Dell Chromebook 13 is also subject to a potential production halt.

On the brighter side, according to Android Police, Google is still offering the Nexus 5X and 6P to the public through its own Google Fi service.

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