Google Solidifies Plans For Broadband Expansion, Google Fibr Soon To Be A Reality

In a recent announcement, Google Fiber confirmed that it just finished with its acquisition of Webpass, a wireless internet service provider. Theoretically, the new company will help Google in its plans to deploy high-speed internet. As such, the search engine giant is only gaining more momentum in its plans for a more varied scope of services.

The Acquisition

As confirmed by Google Fiber President Dennis Kish on the company's official blog, the agreement to acquire Webpass was first entered in June and was just finalized on October 3.

The appeal of Webpass is simple: The company was built on the belief of changing the landscape of internet providers. In order to do this, it set out to provide high quality connection to as many individuals as possible. And because Google Fiber shares this belief, the partnership only made sense.

Google also has plans to acquire Webpass Telecommunications, LLC before the end of the year.

What Webpass Is

As Ars Technica explains, Webpass uses point-to-point wireless technology, which is an ideal system for densely populated areas. Therefore, the system is perfect for business and multi-unit residential buildings. However, its financial restrictions have stopped it from going after single-family homes.

The Partnership

The plan, as described by Kish, is somewhat of a hybrid approach. While Webpass will continue to expand its business with point-to-point wireless technology, essentially by targeting more cities, Google Fiber will also continue to built its portfolio. As a whole, both companies will target providing faster internet speeds to more people.

"Together, the combination of Google Fiber technology with Webpass' great team and operations will result in more choice and better access for many more people," he said.

The Stability

Some time ago, Google Fiber's financial status was under scrutiny, with reports saying that Alphabet CEO Larry Page ordered a 50 percent layoff of the company's manpower. However, no layoffs have been confirmed since. Nevertheless, the company is definitely experiencing some sort of growth, as customers in North Carolina Research Triangle have just signed up for the service.

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