Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Makes A Comback: Top 5 Reasons It's Still Worth Buying

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy is finally over. The company is back on track as it puts the Note 7 back on the market. The recall might have caused some stain on Samsung's name but apparently, the company is ready to move forward.

If you're hesitant in buying the revamped device, here are the top 5 reasons why getting the Galaxy Note 7 is still a good idea:

1. It might still be the best phablet right now.

Without the battery-related explosion cases, the Note 7 is probably the best phablet ever. It's got all the amazing features that any phablet user might ever need. First of all, it is water resistant. Also, it's got Samsung Pay and the fully integrated S-Pen Stylus. Internally, it is also one of the best phones on the market. 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM and 3500mAh battery are all pretty hard to beat.

2. It's Samsung's best camera phone.

Samsung has been well commended by users for the company's impeccable smartphone cameras. The Galaxy Note 7 is not exempted. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus might have their own perks in the camera department, but Samsung's Note 7 is in no way inferior to Apple's best. The Note 7's OIS and 1/1.7 aperture allow the phone to capture high-quality photos. Its camera controls are also something you don't see in other phones. In fact, the Note 7 even allows users to shoot in RAW, Android Central reported.

3. It might be the safest phone to date.

This might sound a bit ironic, but the Note 7 might be the safest phone on the market right now. After the recall controversy, the company might have already made sure that the re-entering Note 7 are no longer exploding. Samsung has learned their lesson in quality assurance the hard way. IBTimes says that the device is now back on the market. So right now, it's safe to say that the new Note 7 units are safer than ever.

4. It's at par with all the latest flagship devices.

Without the explosion issues, the Note 7 can easily beat all of 2016's flagship phones. Sure, each phone has its own perks, but the Note 7 isn't in any way inferior to others. The iPhone 7, LG V20 and Google Pixel phones are just three of this year's best smartphones, and they are all arguably comparable to Samsung's Note 7.

5. The Note 7 has all the bonus goodies combined in one phone.

Unlike most flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a lot of perks in it. It has NFC, a microSD slot and wireless charging capabilities. Additionally, it also has Samsung's iris scanning technology. All in all, the Galaxy Note 7 has all the best smartphone features.


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